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Month: April 2017

Benefits Of Using Window Blinds To Shield Computer Screen Glare

5 years ago

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The glare from the sun can be a problem all year round especially in an office environment. The levels of bright light transmitted through glass and windows can cause potential comfort and visibility issues. Installing anti-glare blinds will instantly make your office more comfortable.

Anti-glare blinds as the name might suggest, help reduce the amount of glare within the office, which in turn makes using computer screens more comfortable and easier. The problem with computer screens is that they emit relatively low levels of light.

The contrast available between the screen background and the information displayed on the screen is limited. Once you couple this with strong glare from the windows and it will be difficult if not impossible to read the information displayed on the screen.

Annex A of Health and Safety directive 901210 requires that windows be fitted with an appropriate system of adjustable covering to attenuate the light from the sun falling upon a work station. Anti-glare blinds fulfil the requirement in every single way.

The anti-glare properties of the blinds are achieved through a solar reflective coating that is applied to one side of the fabric that improves the optical and solar characteristics of the fabric significantly. Anti-glare blinds not only shields computer screens from the glare of the sun but also have other additional benefits.

Here are the key benefits of installing anti-glare windows blind solutions and shades.

The market is full of many window and anti-glare protection treatments but anti-glare blinds and shades have successfully overtaken them with regards to efficiency of use and effectiveness. The key benefits of the anti-glare blinds and windows include:

Glare Reduction

The primary role of anti-glare windows blinds and shades is obviously to reduce the amount of glare from the sun. Anti-glare blinds and shades prevent the discomfort and disability associated with the sun’s glare and makes it easier for office workers to read text on their computer and phone screens, reading books without squinting, or just holding conversations without discomfort.

Protection from Ultraviolet (UV) Rays from the Sun

Anti-glare blinds and shades are exclusively designed in such a way that they work as a layer to block the entry of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Installing anti-glare blinds and shades means that workers in your office are sure of only the entry of limited and harmless sunlight.

Enhanced Privacy

One you install anti-glare shades and blinds you can be sure of the privacy of your office workers and never have to worry about peeping passers-by. The blinds and shades are designed to provide clear vision from the inside but block visuals from the outside by controlling the transmittance of light.

Temperature Control

Anti-glare blinds and shades are engineered with advanced technology to keep the ambience comfortable and cool by regulating the atmosphere of your office environment, regulating the hot and cold spots to ease the cooling of the air-conditioning system.


Anti-glare blinds and shades are available in a wide variety of styles, opacity levels, and colours that allow you to choose the best performance and appearance that works best for your office. Choosing the right window treatment can greatly enhance the appearance of your office.

Protecting Office Interiors

Installing anti-glare shades and blinds not only protects the people that work in your office but they are also known to keep your computers, carpets, furniture, and other interiors safe from discolouration, which is a result of the sun’s UV rays.

Increased Productivity

The glare coming through your office windows can easily create discomfort for your employees, which in turn affects their productivity. This is why anti-glare blinds and shades are the perfect solution to boost productivity in your office by reducing glare and keeping the occupants comfortable.

Energy Savings

Anti-glare blinds and shades help to reduce the amount of heat that gets through the windows and glass. If you install the blinds or shades, you can enjoy over 75% rejection of solar heat. This could translate to significant savings on your energy bills because when less solar heat is coming into your office building, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard.

Final Thoughts

If you have always believed that the only way to keep glare out of your office is using window treatments such as anti-glare tints, you now know that anti-glare blinds and shades are more effective. Similarly, if you thought that anti-glare blinds and shades are only good for shielding computer screen glare, you now understand that they also do offer numerous other benefits.

If you would like to reduce the amount of glare from the sun coming through to your office you need to call on the trusted experts in window blinds to come install anti-glare blinds or shades. It will be the best investment you ever make since it will result in reduced costs and increased productivity.